While quite a lot of what we offer on the site is free there are some products and services we will be charging for. This is because the site is completely database driven, so all parts of it draw on current information for display on whichever page it is needed. This is unlike many of the other sites supporting registered citizens. There is an immense amount of time and expense needed to research information and purchase regularly updated databases for the Safe Places Map, the Official Travel Guide, and the most current version of each state's laws.

As we complete each state’s travel information and laws, you will be notified in our Blog and by email if you are a subscriber when we make them available to you. So, check back often.

map Safe Places Map

One Month $14.95
Three Months $34.95

You can research unlimited U.S. addresses on the map during your subscription.

Map pricing is recurring. You can cancel at any time in your User Account settings.

flight Official U.S. Travel Guide

The first U.S. Official Registered Citizens Travel Guide is currently being researched. It will be available in eBook form at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple. A paperback version will also be available at Amazon. The eBooks and paperbacks will be published once per year with information current at that time.

You will also be able to subscribe to the travel guide on the website, either the complete guide, or individual states.

gavel U.S. State Laws

There are 50 states with 50 different sets of laws as they pertain to registered citizens. While some states have similar laws there are many that are quite different and have many nuances and stumbling blocks that are easy to overlook. There are also a lot of armchair lawyers who think they know what we all must abide by. Hearsay will not keep you out of trouble. Knowing exactly what laws you must follow is extremely important so you can do your best to live as normal of a life as possible.

We will be publishing every state’s exact law as they change on the website. This is one of the most intensive subjects to research because of the many laws linked together to form the package of laws we live under.

Once per year we will also make them available as an eBook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple. The book will also be available annually as a paperback on Amazon.