About RegisteredCitizens.com

Welcome to registeredcitizens.com. We created this site after dealing with many issues related not just to finding housing while on the registry, but just existing while on the registry. We are just 2 guys living on the registry, and both of us wanted to find a way to try and make some of the hardships easier. It is a work in progress. When one of our founders was stuck imprisoned for months just because he couldn’t find safe housing, he knew things needed to change. And thus, the Safe Places Map was born, and everything snowballed from there. We decided to put our experience, which includes researching, computer science, and business, to use making resources available, both free and paid, that could be helpful in preventing situations like this. We believe every registered citizen should be able to find the resources to succeed at life while on the registry.

We started this project in 2020, after much thought of what the Safe Places Map could be. Since then, we have added to our list of ideas for products and services that can be offered as the site evolves.

All in all, the purpose of this site is twofold. One, we wanted more dynamic information available. If you look around at some the existing registered citizen support sites, you’ll see a lot of the resources are outdated, sometimes by years. It’s expensive to do the research required to keep things up to date, especially when you are fighting legal battles on registered citizens’ behalf. We decided that our focus would just be on the researching aspect, so that we could give that pursuit all of our resources. And second, to be honest, we wanted a way to be self-employed. We have dealt with trying to find employment while on the registry, and it isn’t easy. In fact, it seems almost impossible. So, we figured that we could provide one-of-a-kind services to registered citizens, sometimes for reasonable fees, and allow all of us to survive easier while on the registry.

We are always open to suggestions on ways to make this site better or more informative, and you can make those suggestions by clicking on our Contact which also appears at the bottom of any page. And above all, thank you for your patronage. We are able to exist because of that. We wish all registered citizens success on their journey of staying both safe and legal in their pursuits of life.