Who We Are

posted 11/28/2021

We, like most of you, are registered citizens. We are people on the registry who want to find ways to make our lives a little easier to live. We leave all of the good work other organizations do in the legislative, media, and legal areas to them. You can find out who some of them are on our Resources Page. They are the experts at that. Us? We have some tech, web, writing, and business experience and a burning desire to put something positive and unique together that will be helpful to our whole community, our friends, and our families. RegisteredCitizens.com is unlike most of the websites on the Internet that provide help and resources for us and our loved ones. Our site is "dynamic". The contents of the pages comes from a central database and that information is available anywhere on the website that it is needed. Other support websites appear to be "static". That means the content of each page is manually placed there. So, if the same information is required on more than one page it has to be manually placed on each of those pages. Because that can take time, and sometime money, to do many pages are not updated on a regular basis. That information becomes stale and no longer accurate quickly. At Registered Citizens we spend all of our time doing research to keep the databases updated and as current as possible. We write and call each state's law enforcement agencies on a regular basis to see if there have been changes. We use some of the same legal research services most attornies use to verify that the information we provide is as accurate and complete as possible. One of the services we will be offering is called "The Safe Places Map". You will learn more about the complete details when it is published. In the meantime, this map is driven by our national database of schools, daycares, churches, and parks. Much of the research time we put in is also communicating with each state's child welfare and school agencies to keep that database current with as many restricted locations as possible. When the Safe Places Map is published a registered citizen or member of their support group will be able to enter a street address ANYWHERE in the United States and see if that address is a legal place to live based on that state's restriction laws. We feel that this will be extremely helpful when looking for a legal place to live and cut down on the research time finding a place to live. It also means less calls or visits to the police department to check an address. Any issues specific to a state, such as, allowing local municipalities to create their own restrictions, will also be noted. The information on this site requires a huge amount of research. It is an on going process that happens every day. New information will be added or changed as soon as we are made aware of it. So, the site will start out modest but be in a constant state of growth. You will see new pages and changes almost daily. Much of all of this research will also be used to create domestic travel guides and state law information which will be published on the website and also on Amazon as eBooks and paperback books. That is a big goal for us and look forward to letting you know when that happens. Now you know a little more about us. We are really a research company making a lot of as current as possible and changing information available to you as quickly as possible so we can move about and live our lives legally and safely. Oh, one more thing. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page so we can keep you informed about new features and updates.